Lechma PL-500 Green

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Lechma PL-500 Green fireplace insert with water jacket is a modern creator of an atmosphere. This fireplace combines highest quality, low emissions and energy efficiency. The angle of the hatch is availagle in divided or uniform glass.

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Lechma fireplaces have installation stand, manual air control and integrated damper. The hatch is made out of heat enduring glass. Fireplace is completely insulated, that is air flows in throught a 100mm intake from the bottom of the fireplace insert. One can attach an automatical combustion air control that keeps the temperature of the fireplace constant and optimizes burning. Ferrule and glass hatches edge color can be either chrome or black. The fireplace insert is made out of firetile and 6 mm cast iron. The front of the fireplace is made out of stainless steel.

Standard equipment

  • removable ash container
  • cooling coil
  • integrated flue damper
  • separate air intake pipe



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